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Forty Farm

21mm sliding glass doors on executive home in Cardiff

This executive Welsh home is situated in an estate of 80+ acres with 6 bedrooms, multiple reception rooms, a swimming pool and a substantial basement gym. This home benefits from the installation of slim framed sliding glass doors throughout the property to provide a contemporary addition to a traditional, timber-framed building.

forty farm-minimal windows pocket doors

minimal windows® glass sliding doors were installed in multiple rooms on the ground floor to increase the natural light intake into the home as well as to provide ventilation in the hotter months. Installing these sliding glass doors also creates the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience, allowing the homeowners to maximise the use of both living areas.

Different configurations were used throughout the home for these sliding glass doors including biparting sliding doors installed onto the hallway where the 4 large glazed panels separate to create a wide access area for the homeowners. These biparting sliding doors are placed on the hallway where easy access has been provided from the external courtyard with a swimming pool.

Hidden pocket doors were also integrated into the bedrooms to create a merge between the internal living space and the garden area. This style of door was also installed between the dining and patio area for maximum ventilation and to create an indoor-outdoor living area.

All sliding glass doors installed onto this property have a flush floor finish, creating the perfect merge between the spaces. The flooring used in the kitchen/dining area and patio area are the same, creating a seamless design between the spaces.