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Meadow Bank

Luxury one storey new build home with glass walls made from minimal windows sliding door systems.

This luxury getaway in the middle of the scenic English countryside features contemporary living spaces, including a living room with corner opening sliding glass doors.

Corner opening sliding glass doors allow the living space to be opened up completely and merged with the vast green space outside. This configuration also allows a huge influx of natural light to flow into the home.

Ensuring that the landscape was not disrupted, this property was built only one storey high, spanning over a large area. The stunning new build features minimally framed sliding glass doors, a large indoor swimming pool and high end gym space.

The internal pool area is the epitome of luxury, with a minimal, crisp white interior design style and large glazing elevations including minimal windows sliding glass doors.

minimal windows 4+ triple glazed oversized sliding glass doors by an indoor pool in a luxury home in the countryside
corner opening sliding glass doors with flush thresholds to create an indoor outdoor living area which merges the indoors and outdoors

The indoor pool section of this home has a curved glass corner on the far edge of the space, utilising the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the home.

Curved glass utilises modern advances in glazing technology and the contemporary and minimal design complements the minimal windows 4+ sliding glass door systems.

The large glass panes and minimal framing on the sliding glass door systems mean that in the warmer months the doors can slide open to reveal a large structural opening that merges the spaces, mimicking the feel of an external pool area.

Entire sliding glass walls have been created from floor to ceiling minimal windows 4+ sliding glass doors. This means the pool area has the best of both words and can be used as both an internal or external pool by opening or closing the doors.

luxury new build home in the countryside with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that form sliding glass walls
curved glass and minimal windows triple glazed 4+ sliding glass doors by an indoor pool in a luxury new build home

Floor to ceiling glazing wraps around the property and the large glazing elevations highlights the interior design elements, bathing the space in natural light.

The interior design style follows a contemporary style, with occasional splashes of colour that bring some life and warmth into the home.

Internal living spaces benefit from the perfect balance between the contemporary and the traditional.

There are some unusual interior design elements such as antique lamps and statues for decorations. This luxury countryside escape really has a life of its own, and it is unlikely that there are other properties the same as this one.


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pool glazing by an indoor swimming pool with large triple glazed sliding glass doors
floor to ceiling sliding glass doors by a luxury living room which provide stunning views of the outdoors
luxury gym and pool house with floor to ceiling triple glazed sliding glass doors from minimal windows