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Timber View

Timber clad property with minimal windows sliding glass pocket doors and timber solar shading solutions

External timber cladding was used to completely cover the exterior of this unique home, enabling it to merge with the surrounding woodland environment.

Timber cladding is an eco-friendly option for external building finishes that is ideal for achieving a natural building aesthetic. Natural materials such as this have grown in popularity over the years, particularly with the move toward sustainable housing.

minimal windows sliding pocket doors were used at various points around the property. Where sliding glass doors were specified, external timber shutters were used to provide solar shading, also in a pocket configuration.

When closed the shutters blend in seamlessly with the external timber cladding, but when open these can be hidden away to leave completely clear openings.

minimal windows pocket sliding glass doors and building with external timber cladding and timber solar shading solutions
property with eco friendly timber cladding and minimal windows aluminium sliding doors in pocket configurations

Pocket doors allow the sliding panes to disappear completely, leaving a completely clear structural opening that provides excellent ventilation throughout the property, as well as uninterrupted views.

The flush threshold allows a completely smooth transition between the internal living space and the outdoors.

There is a strong wooden theme surrounding the whole building, with wooden decking used for the external flooring around the property. The biophilic design of the external building is complemented by the large clear glass panes of the minimal windows system.

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