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Chestnut Ridge

Chestnut Ridge is a residential refurbishment project tucked away within Buckinghamshire, England. The project focuses on utilising the original brickwork, combined with both timber and aluminium bringing sustainable architecture to the project.

The home has a large focus on open plan living, maximising natural light and eliminating large separation walls which would have discouraged contact during everyday life and family events. Where minimal separation is required, frameless internal glass balustrades have been installed.

Modern sliding doors

Modern sliding doors to maximise natural light and views.

With amazing views of the Chiltern hills, it was important for the owners of Chestnut Ridge to be able to enjoy the rolling hills throughout the year no matter the weather.

With three different installations of minimal windows slim modern sliding doors, the home is not short of garden access, natural light and slim sightlines for maximum views. Within the main dining area, there are two identical sliding door configurations that are three track systems. The new games room extension features a vast open corner installation that provides exceptional ventilation and allows for the room to be extended out onto the deck.

Modern sliding doors (3)

Modern sliding doors details.

With flush thresholds and 21mm sightlines, it is clear why the minimal windows systems were ideal for this refurb project.

As mentioned earlier, the two identical sliders that have been installed are both three track systems that are exactly 5120mm wide and 2660mm high. These sliding doors feature a PAS24 certified two point locking system as well as a fully flush threshold for step free outdoor access.

The opening corner configuration features one installation that is 4001mm wide by 2550mm high, this combines with another installation that is 5722mm wide by 2550mm high to create the perfect bespoke opening corner.

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