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Rook Hill

Stunning new build home featuring multiple minimal windows® sliding doors

This modern new build family home in Dorset was designed to have many open plan areas and utilises both internal and external glazing systems to maximise natural light.

The homeowners wanted a home that felt bright and spacious, with spaces for the family to relax and entertain guests. Incorporating large glazing elevations and slim framed glazing systems was the easiest way to achieve this.

Multiple slim sliding aluminium door systems from minimal windows were installed around the home. This included on the upper floors leading out to the external balcony areas and on the ground floor, connecting the communal living spaces and the garden.

indoor-outdoor living space in a luxury coastal home in Dorset with slim sliding doors
luxury open plan kitchen diner design with minimal windows slim sliding patio doors

High-quality aluminium sliding doors from minimal windows were installed around the home, along with many other slim framed glazing systems, all of which fit in with the modern aesthetic of the home.

The large glass panes around the home provide the internal spaces with stunning views of the outdoors whilst maximizing natural light within the home, helping spaces to appear bigger.

Natural light is also used to highlight the luxury interior design style seen across the home, mainly in the kitchen which uses exposed brick and grey tones for a contemporary design. 

All glazing installed in this home was specified with a marine-grade finish on the aluminium framing and solar control glass. For homes located by the coast, like this one in South West England, specifying these finishes and coatings for external glazing systems is important.

interior of luxury coastal home in Dorset with frameless glass balustrades
luxury bedroom design with glass wall and slim sliding balcony doors

The large open plan kitchen-diner area and the contemporary living room sit perpendicular to each other, both with aluminium sliding doors connecting them to the garden.

Indoor-outdoor living is extremely sought after and this home showcases this style of living perfectly. Warm, sandy toned floor tiles were chosen and installed in the large open plan kitchen diner space, the contemporary living room and out on the patio area.

The choice of flooring, both inside and out, not only complements the brickwork on the home, but also the continuation of flooring provides a smooth transition between the spaces.

This, combined with the flush threshold of our minimal windows Sliding Door, allows the internal and external living spaces to be completely merged when the doors are open.

sliding glass patio door with flush threshold for barrier free access
aluminium framed slim sliding glass patio doors from minimal windows

This luxury new build home featured a full bespoke glazing package from IQ Glass, the sole UK supplier of minimal windows.

The glazing package also includes internal glazing in the form of sliding doors, casement doors and frameless glass balustrades.

Externally, multiple slim framed aluminium windows and roof glazing installations were incorporated into the home design.

The abundance of minimally framed aluminium glazing systems allows natural light to flow into the home unobstructed.

new build luxury coastal home in Dorset with minimal windows sliding glass doors
luxury bedroom design in a new build coastal home in Dorset with sliding glass balcony doors

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