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Highbury Hill

This vast family extension back wall was constructed using our minimal windows® sliding glass doors. The end result was a floor to ceiling glazed sliding wall that opened up the open plan living area, adding light and space. The doors feature a 21mm sightline and a frameless surrounding finish.

This back addition was a component of a bigger basement and interior remodelling project. The new, contemporary family kitchen was included in this addition, which also included an open concept living and dining area. This interior room is effectively connected to the spacious backyard garden through the sliding doors.

Why sliding aluminium patio doors?

For this project, the architect and homeowners wanted to specify a system that had exceptional thermal performance as well as slim sightlines and sleek finishes.

The minimal windows sliding aluminium patio doors are the ideal option for a project with these requirements due to the aluminium frames and glazing providing Uw values of 1.2. As well as the performance, the doors have 21mm sightlines and flush head and base details, making outdoor access smooth and step free.

highbury-hill-Sliding aluminium patio doors (2)
highbury-hill-Sliding aluminium patio doors (3)

The smaller details of Highbury Hill

The minimal windows®’ aluminium framing was given a light grey powder coat finish. This tint complements the typical white sash windows above as well as the light-coloured brickwork. The light interior colour scheme of the modern living area harmonises with the aluminium frames’ light appearance from the inside.

The fixed glass return on the sliding glass doors created the glazing wall that was perpendicular to the addition. With a frameless glass-to-glass corner on the return, these glass components were created and erected as a single, harmonious structure.

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