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Ultimate Guide for Maintenaning Sliding Doors

When it comes to the maintenance of slim sliding door system, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure the glass, framing profile and tracks stay free of any scratches or damage, and that the track doesn’t get damaged by lodged debris. 

This includes tasks such as hoovering sliding door tracks, cleaning with the right tools and products, and oiling moving parts. 

Essentially, the maintenance of slim sliding doors is simple, keep the track clear of dirt and debris with regular hoovering, and when cleaning the glass and framing don’t use harsh chemicals or sharp tools. 

That being said we do have additional details on this and tips for the best time to clean the glass, cleaning frequency, and so on.

This guide will outline some of the ways to maintain your high performance sliding glass door system, and if you have any questions at the end feel free to give the team a call. 

highly glazed home design with sliding doors
a guise to the maintenance of sliding doors

Sliding Door Hardware Maintenance

The first step in the maintenance of sliding doors operate as normal is to maintain the hardware. Keeping handles and locks clean and free from dirt prevents debris from damaging the mechanisms.  

Hardware can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap-based solutions. Avoid using abrasive pads, solvents, or strong polish as this may damage the hardware.  

All moving parts are virtually maintenance-free but will benefit from simple annual maintenance. A small amount of acid free grease or oil will help maintain the smooth running of the mechanics and ensures ease of use over a long period.  

Only a light application is necessary and, to prevent dirt from accumulating, remove excess lubricant after use. 

inverted open corner slim sliding doors with silver frames
open corner sliding pocket doors in home extension

Maintenance of Sliding Doors

The minimal windows® door sliders are bottom rolling, so it’s imperative for the maintenance of sliding doors that the base tracks are kept clean and free from debris and obstruction

If these are not regularly cleaned, then the window will not slide smoothly, and the roller wheels can be damaged.  

We recommend inspecting the door roller track on a regular basis and removing any dirt or debris that could damage the rollers. This can easily be done using a hoover.

The frames are manufactured with an in-built drainage system. This drainage system utilises slots that allow any water that has built up to flow to the outside. For the maintenance of sliding doors please ensure that these slots remain clean and unblocked.  

Please ensure that any weather seals fitted to your frames do not become dislodged during cleaning. If this happens, please slide the seal back into place. 

double height slim sliding glass doors in a renovated barn in Scotland
open sliding glass door with flush threshold

Cleaning the Glass in Slim Sliding Doors

Another tip for the maintenance of sliding doors is that glass cleaning should begin at the top and continue downwards to minimise the possibility of leaving cleaning residues on the lower levels.  

The glass should only be cleaned when it is cool to touch and should never be cleaned when the sun is shining directly onto it.  

The glass can be cleaned with warm water, using a soft lint-free cloth or sponge.  

For the maintenance of slidings doors or any architectural glazing, avoid using abrasive pads or strong solvents to clean the glass, as this may result in scratches or damage to the surface.  

Glass can easily be scratched, so please remove any sharp jewellery before cleaning. Avoid allowing splashes to dry on the glass as this may leave smears or marks.  

Ensure that the glass is cleaned frequently on both the inside and outside of the window.  

Please be aware that specialist or coated glass may have specific cleaning instructions. If in doubt check with us before cleaning the glass.  

minimally framed sliding glass doors in luxury new build
3m high slim framed sliding glass door in a house in Scotland with triple glazed units

Cleaning the Aluminium Frame

Regular cleaning is required for the maintenance of sliding doors to preserve the powder coated or anodised finish on the aluminium framing profiles.

Deterioration of the coating occurs mainly because of a build-up of grime and contaminated moisture on the frame. This attacks and erodes the coating on the frame which cannot be restored.  

Cleaning should be done by hand for the maintenance of sliding doors. Hosing should not be used under any circumstances. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents or cloths.  

Aluminium should be cleaned using tepid water and a clean, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth and dried using materials such as a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Water in the tracks is normal after cleaning and may rely on evaporation to clear smaller volumes of water in the inner tracks.

triple glazed slim sliding doors in luxury home
luxury new build home with sliding glass walls and glass balustrades

Frequency Required for Cleaning Glass and Aluminium

When it comes to how often glazing needs to be cleaned, this depends largely on the environment the glazing is in. For example, if the glazing is installed in a rural or suburban, then the maximum period between cleaning should be around three months.

For sliding glass doors in coastal environments where the air has higher levels of moisture and salt deposits, the maximum between cleaning periods should be around two months. 

In extreme conditions that may involve heavy grime deposition and atmospheric pollution, monthly cleaning should take place. 

sliding glass doors for coastal project
ultra-slim sliding glass door with pas24 certificate in a contemporary rear kitchen extension in the uk

Cleaning Materials for Sliding Door Maintenance

Do not use any sharp or abrasive cleaning tools such as using knife to scrape something off of the glass, metal scrapers, steel wool or even the scouring side of household sponges.

Any hard surfaces like this scraping across the glass are likely to damage it. Professional windows cleaners should be aware of this but if windows are cleaned by a housekeeper please make them aware of this.

In terms of cleaning products, avoid aggressive cleaning fluids or solvents such as cellulose thinners or nail varnish remover as these are also highly like to cause irreversible damage to the glazing frames surface.

maintenance of sliding doors with flush thresholds
specifying glass extensions

Contendation: When is it an issue?

when it comes to the maintenance of sliding doors, some people may think condensation means there is an issue with the system.

Condensation is a natural occurrence within the home, for example cooking and bathing cause enhanced condensation on the windows.  

Condensation can also be reduced by ensuring that there is extra ventilation within the home, such as opening windows, installing extractor fans or heat/cold air recovery systems.  

Please be aware that energy efficient glass helps reduce condensation inside the home, but condensation may be apparent on the outer pane of glass. This is a natural occurrence and is evidence that your energy efficient glass unit is working correctly, by preventing your home from losing heat. 

It is important to note that as glass is a manufactured product, there can sometimes be small marks or impurities. IQ Glass, the sole UK supplier of minimal windows® work in accordance with the GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) guidelines to ensure that high quality glass I s used in all of our projects.  

Once the glazing has been installed the system will be viewed from certain angles, distances and lighting to ensure that the glazing complies with the rules outlined by the Glass and Glazing Federation 

For information on the maintenance of sliding doors regarding shoot bolt of lock keep adjustment, please refer to your O+M manual.

For any other queries about the maintenance of sliding doors please don’t hesitate to contact the team.