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Curved Glass and minimal windows®

minimal window systems have been used in a wide range of striking glazing elevations. From double height sliding glass doors to impressively wide vertical sash windows, we strive to provide properties with the ‘wow factor’.

Curved glass is a glazing solution that can help bring a project to the next level. Whether it’s a curved piece of structural glazing or curved sliding glass doors, this achieves a unique aesthetic whilst offering clear, panoramic views.

minimal windows slim sliding doors with curved glass offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of architectural ideas and the systems can be automated and integrated with smart home systems if desired.  

sliding glass doors by an indoor pool area in a luxury new build home with curved glass corners
luxury interior design with warm brown tones and a biophilic design

Curved Glazing Views and Natural Light

Using glass to glass corners brings in a vast amount of natural light form differing angles; however, the sharp corners can distort the flow of light into the internal living space and the views out of the glazing.

Incorporating curved glass into a corner allows light flow and views to be completely uninterrupted. Our Meadow Bank project uses curved glass by the indoor pool section of the home, utilising the stunning natural beauty that surrounds this luxury home.

When designing properties with entire glass walls, being able to curve the glass to follow unusual building shapes more closely can create a unique and aesthetically pleasing overall design.

Our Fairview project sees multiple minimal windows sliding glass doors incorporated into a luxury new build home.  The home stretches across a large bit of land and has an obtuse angle in the middle.

By using curved glazing as the corner, the glass wall which runs along the ground floor is able to follow the exact building structure.

minimal windows luxury curved sliding glass door
curved glass and minimal windows triple glazed 4+ sliding glass doors by an indoor pool in a luxury new build home

Factors to Consider with Curved Glazing

There are limitations on the radius and arch of the curve, as there must be allowances to ensure the panes do not touch or damage each other.

This depends on a variety of factors, such as pane size and whether the system is double or triple glazed, so will need to be calculated on a project by project basis.

For more information on curved glass and how it can be incorporated into your project, our team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today.

Click here to see case studies that use curved glass.

For more information on our slim sliding doors, get in touch with the team today.

structural glazing including a curved glass pane and minimal windows slim sliders create glass walls with moving elements
two pane minimal windows sliding glass doors and structural glazing with curved glass