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Four Track Glass Sliding Doors

minimal windows slim sliding doors are known to frequently be specified as one, two or three track systems. For openings on a much larger scale our sliding doors can be designed and installed as a four track system.

Our four track glass sliding doors are the architects ideal solution for a larger opening that requires high quality, high performance bespoke glazing.

Totteridge 4 track glass sliding doors

Four track glass sliding doors in detail.

A common misconception is that the larger a glazing system, the worse the performance. With minimal windows this is actually the opposite. Our four track systems perform to the highest standards achieving exceptional thermal values and weather resistance.

With sightlines and meeting stiles of 21mm four track glass sliding doors allow for uninterrupted views and seamless integration.

The flush floor finish is also still a possibility with 4 track systems. This removes the concern of having large, exposed tracks and frames above your FFL (Floor finish level).

Clayworth 4 track glass sliding doors
Totteridge Four Track Sliding Doors

Existing projects with 4 track glass sliding doors.

Wimpole Street - Four track sliding doors to London rooftop extension.

The top floor of this gorgeous maisonette makeover in Marylebone, London, including the construction of a set-back mansard and a beautifully contemporary roof terrace.

This home didn’t have a set-back mansard top floor with a roof terrace like many others in the area, so one was created along with several smaller windows and a slim sliding door system.

The sliding door system was specified as a four-track system with 3 sliding panes and one fixed pane. This configuration allows for the homeowners to open up the interior of the home to the exterior terrace space seamlessly.

Wimpole 4 track glass sliding door

Clayworth Cottage - Award winning four track sliding doors.

For its seamless and careful design, which may be credited to the use of regional materials like Chiltern flint and wood and the positioning of wheelchair accessible doors, Clayworth Cottage, a 4,500 square foot new building by Arkle Boyce London architects, was featured on Grand Designs TV. 

With wheelchair accessibility and indoor to outdoor transition at extremely high importance our minimal windows four track glass sliding door system allowed for these requirements to be met. Our flush finish framing was key to meeting these needs, paired with 21mm sightlines and vast pane size completed the bespoke home.

Water Meadow - Rural four track sliding doors

This newly constructed house is in a Green Belt, Flood Zone 3, and Conservation Area, which makes it an ideal location to build a house. The building has several slim sliding door configurations. 

Water Meadow is another great example of a four-track system with three sliding panes and one fixed pane. With the area being susceptible to harsh weather and flooding it was imperative that the sliding system could resist harsh weather.

winter garden room

Specifying and contacting the team.

As the sole UK minimal windows suppliers IQ Glass and their team of experts will be happy to quote, design and install your next sliding system.

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