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How Much do Slim Framed Sliding Doors Cost?

Slim framed sliding glass doors vary hugely in price and there are options on the market for everyone. From smaller, off the shelf systems to high end luxury systems, everyone can incorporate sliding glass doors into their home.

minimal windows systems were not designed with cost in mind, but performance. These glazing solutions were engineered to have the smoothest sliding action, the most minimal framing and the highest performance levels.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of slim sliding glass doors including configuration, automation and glass specification. This article will explain how and why this can affect the overall cost.

large slim sliding glass doors next to a pool decking

What Can Affect the Cost of Slim Framed Sliding Doors?


Size is one of the main factors in dictating price, as many of our systems are calculated on a price per square metre basis. The larger the door, the higher the price, this includes the size of each pane and how many there are.

Curved Glass

Curved glazing increases the cost of sliding glass doors as it requires extra steps in the manufacturing process. A metal mould is created, using water jets which cut the metal to the correct size and radius.

The glass is then placed over the metal mould in a kiln bath, the kiln heats up and reaches 1000 degrees within 7 minutes. As the kiln heats up the glass’s silica molecules loosen, causing the glass to soften and bend to the shape of the mould.

As this type of glazing requires a longer and more difficult manufacturing process, the cost is higher.

Triple glazing

Triple glazed sliding glass doors will always be higher in cost as they have better performance levels including higher thermal performance and better acoustic reduction qualities.

Extra materials are needed for triple glazed units as they have an extra glass pane and an additional argon gas cavity between panes. The cost of the extra material will cause an increase in the overall price of the sliding glass doors. Due to the fact they sometimes require deeper frames the amount of metal used for the frame may be higher, again resulting in a higher cost.

floor to ceiling glazing in the form of corner opening slim sliders in a luxury residential home
minimal windows high end sliding glass doors connecting the interior design with nature

Cost Factors for Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Low iron glass

Low iron glass has to be manufactured in a specific way to reduce the amount of metal oxide that is naturally present in standard glass. This technical glass manufacturing process produces extremely clear glass panes.

Glass coatings

Glass coatings such as solar control,  marine-grade coatings will increase the cost of slim sliding glass doors. These coatings can increase the longevity of the door, control solar gain and increase clarity.

Solar control coatings are applied to the internal side of the external pane in a double or triple glazed unit. The thin metal oxide layer prevents the suns infrared rays from penetrating through and overheating the internal spaces whilst preventing heat from escaping from within the property.

Marine-grade coatings are recommended for projects in coastal areas where chemicals in the area pose a risk of damage to the glazing. This glass coating costs extra but provides peace of mind knowing your glazing will be safe.


Corner opening sliding glass doors require extra care and consideration during the design and manufacturing stage. The installation process also requires more time and increased labour costs during installation will be an affecting factor in the overall price. minimal windows sliding systems can open on corners between 65 and 177 degrees and can be concave or convex.

Pocket doors increase the cost due to the extra framing that is necessary within the wall cavity. Pocket doors can be used in conjunction with a corner opening configuration to allow the interior and exterior spaces to be completely merged.

luxury residential home with pool made form natural materials to blend into the landscape featuring floor to ceiling glazing
floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and an upper floor balcony with frameless glass balustrades

Cost of Frames Finishes and Automation for Sliding Doors

Frame finishing options

Polyester Powder Coating is a popular finishing choice for metal frames, particularly aluminium. Many manufacturers of metal-framed sliding glass doors will have a range of standard RAL colours that the frames can be finished with at no extra charge. Other RAL colours are usually available at an extra cost.

Anodising is another finishing option provided by many aluminium glazing companies. This finishing option involves an electrolytic process that produces thick oxide coatings. Anodising costs more as the process is time consuming and requires specific resources.


Automation can be integrated with any of the minimal windows systems regardless of size, however, we recommend including automation for any panes over 500kg.

The slim framing on minimal windows sliding glass doors are not affected by including automation. The compact linear drive is concealed within the head frame which is hidden in the building finishes.

Minimal windows slim framed sliding glass doors are not simply a product, they are one of the elements that makes up a luxury lifestyle. They are a necessity for any high end home as minimal window systems are unparalleled in both performance and design.

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