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minimal windows® in Luxury Basement Renovations

Basement floors have the potential to become exceptional functional living spaces that are fit for a wide range of uses. They can be used as a space to entertain guests, a relaxation area or for specific requirements such as a music space or home gym.

With so many possible uses it can be difficult to know how to utilise this space. Whatever the use of the space, they all have one thing in common; they would benefit from natural light.

Introducing natural light into a space has many advantages, both physical and mental.

Sometimes in homes the basement spaces can be forgotten, but with the right design and glazing these spaces can be transformed into functional spaces that add significant value to the home.

minimal windows pivot door, frameless glass balustrade and double height glazing next to a void which lets light into the basement
award winning field house project with minimal windows slim sliding doors around an internal courtyard for natural light

Bringing Light Into Basement Spaces

One of the most effective ways to transform a basement space is to introduce natural light. Some choose to do this through walk on floor lights, which allows light from the upper floors to flow down into the space below.

Another way to let the light in is to create an internal courtyard within the basement. An excellent example of this is our Field House project, a new build home that benefits from a stunning basement room with a warm and inviting interior design.

Our Portland Road project which features double height minimal windows sliding glass doors also uses minimal windows slim sliding glass doors for the internal courtyard in the basement.

The double height void next to the basement in Portland Road brings a vast amount of natural light into the below ground floor level, creating a bright and inviting space. The sliding doors can be opened to increased air flow and ensure the space has adequate ventilation.

Some basement floors have lower ceilings than the rest of the home and introducing natural light can help to increase the perceived size of the space.

luxury basement renovation with an indoor pool and home gym
luxury basement renovation with minimal windows slim sliding doors leading to stairs up to the garden

Function of the Basement Space

If the basement space is being used for a home gym, then ventilation is an important factor that should be considered early on in the project. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in these spaces is vital for their functionality.

Some luxury homes use the basement floor to house indoor pools, with access to the space being of high importance to the homeowners.

A project installed by our glazing partners IQ Glass features a luxury basement renovation complete with an indoor pool and home gym. To the rear of the indoor pool, a two-pane minimal windows sliding door was installed.

This door leads to a set of stairs that takes you up to the ground-floor level garden for easy access. The flush threshold of the minimal windows sliding glass door creates a smooth transition between the luxury basement space and the outdoors.

sunken garden leading down to a basement floor with minimal windows slim sliding doors connecting the basement and garden
modern and minimal basement renovation with an internal courtyard surrounded by glass to let in natural light

Sunken Gardens Leading to Basement

The recent garden landscaping trend of creating a sub-ground level of the garden can be linked to luxury basement renovations by minimal windows slim sliding glass doors.

Dropping a section of the garden down a level creates an easy access point between the basement and the garden, also providing an efficient fire escape route.

Our project The White Pool House showcases this type of garden design beautifully. The garden and basement are connected by two sets of two pane minimal windows aluminium sliding doors.

The patio space just outside the sliding doors can be used as an outdoor seating area with the raised garden on either side providing privacy and shading.

For more information on our high-quality sliding door systems and how they can be incorporated into your luxury basement renovation, get in touch with the team today.