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Security Ratings for Sliding Glass Doors

Architects’ first choice for slim sliding glass doors has always been minimal windows®, with this high security sliding door used in many residential and commercial projects over the years.  

minimal windows® sliding glass doors achieve high performance values in all areas including thermal, weather and security. These high thermal performance sliding doors have ultra-slim framing and sightlines to provide better views and maximise natural light. 

Security is an extremely important factors when it comes to specifying sliding glass doors, whether they’re for houses, offices or a restaurant. High security glazing systems protect people from any criminal danger like burglary. Therefore, it is important to know about security ratings for slim sliding doors and what it is exactly that makes the sliding doors secure.

two-track configuration slim sliding glass doors in a pool in south
pas 24 certificated high security sliding glass doors in Wales

What are the Security Ratings for Slim Sliding Doors?

Many countries have their own test methods and security ratings for slim sliding glass doors. In Europe there are two valid tests for doors and windows, and these are UK based test PAS 24:2016 and European Standard Security Classification. The minimal windows® Sliding Door has both test certifications and ratings. 

PAS 24 is a high level, must-have security test for all modern external windows and doors. According to the Building Regulation Approved Document Part Q, each new build house in the UK should install PAS 24 certificated doors and windows. The test does not have a grade or score like European security ratings, the systems either pass or fail. 

European Standard is a regular burglary resistance test that includes resistance to static pressure, dynamic pressure and manual burglary possibilities. The test has six classifications in total. minimal windows® security sliding glass door system has RC2 resistance class. 

By having passed both test and achieve two security ratings for slim sliding doors, it has confirmed what was already known, that the minimal windows systems are unparalleled in both performance and design.  

Another security ratings for sliding doors it Secured By Design. This security rating was created as part of an official police security initiative that ais to improve the security of all buildings. It provides a recognised standard for systems that can help to deter and reduce crime.  

Secured By Design is not as widely used as PAS 24, but generally if a system has a Secured By Design certification it will also meet the criteria to pass a PAS 24 test.

double glazed sliding glass door in an extension
bespoke rooflight with slim sliding glass door in renovated barn

PAS 24 Certification for Slim Sliding Doors

PAS 24 test methodology will change depending on whether the system is a door or a window. Different types of methods are used such as attempts to break framing of the door, applying extra pressure to the corners and using different tools on the locking system. 

Because there are not several classifications for the test, many other companies test their system as window rather than door to increase the possibility of passing the test and getting the PAS 24 certification.  

However, minimal windows® tested its sliding door system under the door section and passed. This makes the minimal windows® ultra-slim sliding glass door the only door system on the market with a PAS 24:2016 high security performance certification. 

The system used a reinforced steel interlock with type 4 manual internal key locking in a one sliding, one fixed opening configuration.

ultra-slim sliding glass door with pas24 certificate in a contemporary rear kitchen extension in the uk
thermally broken slim sliding glass door with pas24 certification

Secure Locking for Slim Sliding Doors

Depending on the project location and preferences, minimal windows sliding glass door systems can be installed with a lock or without a lock. Any sliding glass door system without a lock should have a door handle that controls manual thrust levers that are able to secure the door when in operation.  

However, the locking system will improve the security against any criminal possibility. According to the Building Regulations Approved Document Part Q, new dwelling houses’ door or window systems should include a lock to increase safety. 

minimal windows® systems have four locking options which are suitable for very slim aluminium framing of the door to protect uninterrupted views. Two of them are manual, internal locking via thrust lever handle and internal locking via removable key.  

These locking options conceal the lock box within the minimal aluminium framing, increasing the security of the sliding door by concealing the locking mechanisms and not leaving them exposed and vulnerable to tampering.  

External key locking is also possible with few limitations. The sliding glass door system can be integrated for smart houses with an electromagnetic locking design option that allows the door to be controlled via smart home technology. 

These handles and locking designs are flexible tin regards to how high on the interlock they are placed. The lock can be placed in a higher level or lower level if the system is used as window.

floor to ceiling pas 24 certificated glass doors
juliet balcony with framesless glass balustrade and thermally broken sliding glass door

Security of Bonded Slim Sliding Doors

Bonded glazing is where the glass is bonded to the frame, and beaded is when the glass pane are secured within the frame by a glazing bead.  

All minimal windows® door systems use bonded glazing to create more strong connection between the frame and glass unit. Bonded glazing is more secure then beaded glazing with PAS 24 sliding glass door security. 

If the glass is beaded from outside of the door, burglars may be able to remove the glass unit from the frame using specific tools. Internally beaded systems provide better security performance.

large slim sliding glass doors in a modern rear extension
high security pas24 building regulation of the uk with slim sliding glass doors in a contemporary house

Laminated Glass and Triple Glazing

Laminated glass panes create a more secure sliding glass doors systems, especially when it is triple glazed like with the minimal windows 4+ system. By having thicker laminated pane or by adding in the extra pane with a TGU, this give an extra barrier that an intruder would have to break through. 

minimal windows® 4+ high security glass door system provides a high level of security for places with its extra bonded glass pane. The system is also hurricane resistance tested. That means the glass door system is secure against very strong winds. 

For more information on security ratings for slim sliding doors, contact the team today.