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Lea Bridge Library

Curved Glass Doors within Timber Extension

Lea Bridge Library is a large timber extension to the grade two listed library in East London. The timber framed extension includes a large facade of architectural glazing with integrated curved glass and minimal windows within the frameless glass elevation.

Set beneath a timber lined ceiling, the slim framed sliding doors merge seamlessly into the structural glass wall that runs the entire elevation of the new library extension space. The glass sliding doors and glass wall within Lea Bridge Library spans floor to ceiling with no framing or fixings on show. This minimal approach to the architectural glazing ensures that the interior and exterior of the library extension is connected, developing a synergy between nature and the biophilic design of the interior.

Using exposed natural timber internally allows Lea Bridge Library to merge the internal and external spaces through the use of architectural glazing and natural materials. The minimal windows glass sliding doors are key part of that design, creating key access points within the structural glass facade and giving access to the green leafy courtyard of the library space.

It is almost impossible to differentiate between the opening and fixed glazing within the facade of Lea Bridge Library. The minimal window sliding doors merge into the large glass wall, creating a design that is effortless as well as seamless. If you are to visit the Lea bridge Library, you’ll notice the minimal window sliding doors at either end of the library extension. The minimally framed sliding glass doors sit within the glass facade on either side of the curved glass element, sliding over fixed frameless panes of structural glass to give access onto the canopied walkway.

The aluminium profiles of the minimal window sliding doors were finished in a RAL colour to sympathetically connect with the timber interior design. With only 21 millimetres of frame on show, the glass sliding doors from minimal windows ensure the continuation of the all-glass elevation along the colonnade.
The architectural design by Studio Weave has been noticed by the architectural community and awards panels, being shortlisted for the AJ Retrofit awards as well as RIBA London regional award in 2023.

This minimal windows installation was provided as part of a larger architectural glazing package by IQ Projects. For more information about the minimal windows installed as part of the Lea bridge library pavilion, or any further information about using minimal windows on your own project, get in touch with the team today