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Sliding Glass Wall in Luxury New Build Israel Home

When given a brief for this luxury new build home in Israel, it included maximising the flow of natural light into the south and west facing sides of the home.  

On the north and east facing side of the home a louvred shading solution was designed to create cool areas of the home for the occupants to relax during the warmer months.  

For the areas in the south and west parts of the home, the homeowners wanted to give the spaces a strong bond with nature and create indoor-outdoor living spaces, perfect for enjoying the warm weather.  

minimal windows Sliding Doors were specified to achieve an indoor-outdoor home design. On the upper floor a three pane sliding door connected the internal space and the external balcony area. On the lower floor the doors were specified in an open corner configuration 

contemporary new build home in Israel with oversized sliding glass doors
sliding glass walls with large slim framed sliding glass doors

As the head and base frames of the slim sliding doors were concealed within the building finishes, creates large sliding glass walls. When open the flush thresholds, which are certified for barrier free access, and concealed framing allows the interior and exterior spaces to be completely merged.  

This merged space can then be used throughout the summer to create a large relaxation area whilst allowing the breeze to pass through into the home, keeping it cool in the warm months. 

Slim sightlines of 21mm are achieved with these minimal windows sliding glass doors, maximising the natural light intake into this stunning contemporary home as well as views of the massive garden area. The slim framing creates the illusion of the merged spaces even when the doors are closed.  

sliding glass walls in modern home design in Israel
luxury villa in Israel with minimal windows aluminium slim sliding doors

These sliding doors act as a barrier in the winter, keeping the cold outside and keeping the indoors nice and warm. The aluminium frames on these sliding glass doors have been powder coated a light grey to continue the bright external colour of the building. Choosing this colour, with large glazed panels creates a bright and airy home. 

These slim framed sliding glass doors have been installed with a flush finish and integrated drainage system. Both of these features are ideal as the flush finish provides easy access between the living spaces without the need for a step. The integrated drainage system prevents the area from being damaged or flooded by water. 

Slim framed sliding glass doors from minimal windows® are ideal for creating floor-to-ceiling glass walls along a property.  Installing a full wall of sliding doors allows you to merge multiple internal living spaces with your external space, maximising the use of both spaces. 

For more information on specifying slim sliding doors, contact the team today.