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Maple Lodge

luxury woodland retreat with wrap around floor to ceiling glazing for beautiful scenic views

This single storey luxury woodland retreat utilised minimal windows® systems to make the most of the nature surrounding the property.

The minimal windows systems and glass to glass corners ensures that from all areas within the home the striking views of the surrounding woods are unobstructed.

minimal windows were designed to be one of the most minimally framed systems on the market, with outstanding performance levels. With sightlines as slim as just 21mm, the panoramic views on offer are unparalleled.

Natural light is able to flood into the internal living spaces throughout the day from different angles thanks to the floor to ceiling glazing that wraps around the perimeter of the property.

strikingly minimal slim sliding glass doors form minimal windows on a luxury woodland home
luxury woodland retreat with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors with flush thresholds and wooden external shutters

By using wood and glass as the two main building materials there is minimal obstruction to the landscape. The wood blends in seamlessly with nature and the glass does not cause any contrast against the earth toned landscape.

The glass to glass corners allow visibility straight through the property at points and at other points mirrors the stunning greenery.

The biophilic design elements provide a peaceful and calm atmosphere, forging a strong connection to nature and the serene surroundings.

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials as it is 100% recyclable. The environmental benefit of using aluminium framed glazing and the fact that it is lighter and more corrosion resistant than material such as steel makes it ideal for this type of project.

minimally framed sliding glass doors with panoramic uninterrupted views and silver aluminium frames
tall two pane slim sliders with a flush threshold and light silver aluminium framing

The surrounding trees and secluded location of this property provide ample privacy levels, however, for added privacy and security external wooden shutters were fitted at various points.

External shading solutions also have the advantage of providing shade and preventing the internal spaces from overheating. The wooden shutters combined with the thermal efficiency allow the internal living spaces to remain at a comfortable living temperature even during the colder months.

During the warmer months, the large glass panes used in the minimal windows sliding glass doors allow a significant amount of ventilation and airflow throughout the property.

Overall, this stunning luxury woodland retreat is the perfect getaway with striking views and a strong connection to nature.

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