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Corner Sliding Doors by minimal windows

Designed to create a vast corner opening with minimal sightlines, the minimal windows corner sliding doors offer a wide range of opening possibilities to elevate your project.

An open corner sliding configuration can open a room or space giving designers and homeowners the freedom to push back two vast glass walls for amazing access to the outside.

With our corner sliding doors, 90-degree angles are just the beginning. The minimal windows open corner sliding doors can be installed anywhere between 65 degrees to 177 degrees!

Corner sliding doors. Shenfield
Corner sliding doors. Malbrook

The future of corner sliding doors

Inverted corners can also benefit from an open corner element, which creates courtyard spaces with dynamic movement choices from the inside to the exterior. These work effectively for inner garden courtyards or basement light wells. These glass corner sliding doors can open on 90-degree angles as well as corners between 65 and 177 degrees. The minimal windows® technology also allows for “multi corner sliders,” which ensure that points of travel are feasible across all tracks by having one elevation slide away from the building fabric when the doors are slid open.

When including a cantilevered roof, or something similar, to enhance the open aspect of the corner sliding doors, designers need to bear in mind that the narrow-framed sliding glass doors have a maximum live load deflection of +/-5mm. Why not combine a corner sliding doors with a pocket door? For an undetectable, disappearing sliding door, the sliding glass doors can be opened away from a corner connection and then slide away into concealed cavities pockets inside the walls.

Existing projects with corner sliding doors

Corner sliding doors for listed building

Renovating the beautiful 16th-century manor house was necessary to highlight its historic origins as a Grade II Listed structure. A modern back expansion is part of BLA Architects’ design. Our elegant sliding glass door in the listed building glass extension is featured on the façades of the new section.

An open corner layout was used for the installation of the ultra-slim solution. There is a greater connection between the interior and exterior spaces thanks to the corner sliding glass doors. Within this listed building glass addition, all of the glass panels may move along the long elevation in a bi-parting design, making it easy for the occupants to travel from one area to another.

Modern villa with corner sliding doors

The whole lower and top floors of this stunning new construction home are covered with glass. A gorgeous façade with a modern and minimalist style was created using structural glazing and minimal windows® slim framed sliding doors. The internal space and outdoor sections can be combined to create one sizable indoor-outdoor area by employing the doors in a corner opening configuration. The kitchen, sitting room, and pool area can all flow together effortlessly thanks to this innovative, practical living space.

Compayne Gardens, London extension

These thin framed sliding doors allow the extension area to be fully opened up and integrated with the garden area by specifying a corner opening design.

Both the interior of the addition and the patio area outside of it were constructed with the same grey floor tiles. The flush threshold of the sliding glass doors helps to provide a seamless transition between the sections as the flooring continues.

Corner sliding doors Compayne Gardens 2
Corner sliding doors Compayne Gardens

Inverted corner sliding doors at Welbeck Street

Once offices, Welbeck Street has been converted into six opulent residential units.

The bottom floor’s small internal courtyard was made use of with inverted corner opening minimal windows sliding doors. The internal living area’s flooring was intended to match the exterior’s colour scheme.

The compartments can blend together because of the floor design’s continuity and the minimal windows sliding door system’s flush threshold. Just by opening the doors, this turns the first-floor apartment into a sizable indoor and outdoor living area.

Corner sliding doors Welbeck Street
Corner sliding doors Welbeck Street 2