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minimal windows® IQ Architectural Glazing Showroom

minimal windows® UK glazing partner IQ Glass have just finished the renovation of their showroom at Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. The renovation came to over £1 million and includes a wide range of architectural glazing solutions. 

Our aluminium glazing systems are constantly pushing the boundaries of architectural glazing, with our sliding doors being able to reach over 6m tall and bespoke oversized pivot doors or automated vertical sash windows available to specify.  

These glazing solutions are truly unique, and we highly recommend seeing and experiencing them in person. The IQ Showroom has all types of minimal windows® slim framed glazing systems.  

One of the front exterior façades of the showroom was built with an oversized vertical sliding sash window and double height sliding glass pane, reaching a staggering 6.5m tall. A bespoke minimal windows pivot door and a minimal windows® box in an open corner configuration are also installed. 

double high sliding glass door and oversized vertical sash window
flush threshold base frame for sliding glass doors

Double-Height Vertical Sash Window and Sliding Pane

Part of the new showroom’s façade was created using a 6.5m tall vertical sliding sash window and a single sliding pane. Due to the sizes of the glazing systems, a high-power motor was concealed within the wall to control the glazing automatically using deadman switches. 

The three pane vertical sash window was designed to have the top and bottom pane slide over the middle pane, leaving the bottom open to be used as an access point and the top space for increased ventilation.  

minimal windows systems can be designed with a completely flush threshold, which even a car can drive over! Both vertical sash window and the single pane sliding door use the minimal window® 4+ framing profiles as the depth can accommodate larger gas cavities to allow for high deflection in these oversized glazing solutions.  

Vertical sash windows create great Juliet balconies without installation of a glass balustrade or another extra glazing. The system provides the best ventilation way for the internal spaces while adding massive amount of natural light into the space. 

double high slim frame pivot door for residential and commercial projects
high safety performance manual key lock system for slimmest frame pivot doors

Bespoke Oversized Pivot Door

The new showroom space showcases a bespoke, oversized minimal windows® Pivot Door which reaches 3.75m tall and a euro cylinder keylock on both sides of the door for increased security.   The ultra-slim door system’s framing profiles have unique finish, anodised E66/C31, which is a stunning bronze-gold colour. When closed this pivot door appears as a standard casement door, only revealing its bespoke nature when opened.  Pivot doors can reach much larger sizes than casement doors as the leaf is supported at both the head and base rather than just the side. This solution in the showroom is the perfect example of an oversized pivot door that can be opened and closed with ease thanks to the lightweight aluminium framing profiles.  
open corner configuration sliding glass doors in an architectural glazing showroom in London
concealed base frame for stepless transition in corner opening sliding glass doors

minimal windows® Open Corner Sliding Doors

Ultra-slim sliding glass doors  in an open corner configuration were combined with structural glazing to create a glass box solution in the new showroom space. Reaching 2.8m tall, the system is supported at the head by a steel ring beam which hands from the ceiling, removing the need for any order posts.  

Dark grey colours are popular choices when polyester powder coating aluminium framing, and so RAL 7024, or Graphite Grey as it’s also known, was chosen to showcase the system as it Is often specified.  

The open corner configuration of the system gives the idea of how minimal windows® sliding glass doors expand the space through to another area and can connect internal and external living areas. 

The base framing of the door system was concealed into the building to create step-free access through the doors. The doors can be slid open with ease thanks to the lightweight aluminium framing and innovative base and roller details. 

 21mm sightlines maximise the glass and natural light flow through to the inside of the box. The minimal window® box is also a good example to show how minimal windows® sliding glass door solution can paired with different types of glazing solutions.

large vertical sliding panels for garages
oversized double high vertical sash windows for architectural residential and commercial projects

High Performance Architectural Glazing Solutions

All minimal windows® architectural glazing solutions are use high-quality, fully thermally broken aluminium framing profiles which create minimally framed glazing solutions without having to compromise on performance values.  

The high thermal performance of the systems combined with the fact that the frames use around 70% recycled aluminium content results in sustainable glazing solutions, perfect for any type of project. 

Seeing and testing these glazing solutions in a real life is a vital part of choosing the right solutions for your specific project.  

Book your visit today to see all these architectural glazing solutions at Sky House Design Centre.