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New minimal windows® Installations at the IQ Showroom

The UK’s largest architectural glazing showroom has come to the end of a £1.5 million renovation. The newly renovated IQ Glass showroom, located at Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, features a number of high quality glazing systems, including multiple minimal windows® systems showing a number of different design and configuration options.

The showroom is conveniently located just outside of London with excellent transport links to the M25, M40, M4 and M1. The new space is now open to visitors so get in touch now to book your appointment!

New glazing installations include the minimal windows box which has our minimally framed sliding door system in an open corner configuration. This part of the showroom is filled with natural light and the high ceilings give plenty of space to experience the high-end systems in all their glory.

open corner sliding glass doors in the best glazing showroom in England
minimal windows three pane configuration

minimal windows Box With Open Corner Doors

An opening corner design was chosen to showcase the slim sliding system as this configuration is becoming increasingly popular as it allows the indoor and outdoor spaces to be completely merged when open.

On the longer elevations, a three-pane slider was installed with two sliding panes and one fixed.

On one of the shorter elevations, a two-pane configuration was installed with one sliding and one fixed pane. On the other side is a fixed pane of glass that meets the three-track sliding door. This glass to glass corner shows how seamlessly minimal windows® system can be integrated with structural glazing.

The glass corner connection uses backpainted glass and structural silicone to maintain a coherent design against the slim aluminium profiles. This glass box showcases the flush threshold of the minimal windows Sliding Door, which makes it ideal for ease of access to any building. 

IQ Glass showroom motorized vertical sash windows
minimal windows aluminium framed guillotine windows

Double Height, Motorized Glazing Systems

The oversized glazing installation must be seen to be realised, with large panes that slide effortlessly to one side. IQ Glass are the UK’s sole provider of minimal windows® systems and the showroom has been designed to showcase the capabilities of the luxury sliding systems.

The installation pictured above includes a sliding pane that weighs 1.2 tonnes and a vertical sash window, both of which reach a staggering height of 6.5m tall and are motorised for ease of use

minimal windows systems are ideal for double-height glazing installations, with projects such as Kingston Road or Dormers showcasing how these systems push the boundaries of modern architectural glazing. 

Vertical sliding sash windows are a more unique type of glazing installation and not something seen in most homes. It was vital for this to be incorporated into the new showroom so clients can see how amazing this glazing system is in person. The vertical sliding sash window is fully automated and uses counterweighted technology for a smooth sliding motion. 

double height vertical sliding sash window and double height sliding door pane with motorized controls
UKs best architectural glazing showroom with minimal windows luxury aluminium glazing and structural glass façade

Bespoke Glazing Details

Thermal break technology, flush threshold, slim profiles and full weather testing are just a few of the details that set minimal window systems apart from competitors.

Engineered with high-quality aluminium framing profiles that utilise a polyamide thermal break, these systems can offer unparalleled thermal performance. Our systems also undergo full weather testing to ensure they are suitable for any climate. 

With toughened glass that is structurally bonded to the frames for enhanced security, our slim sliding door has been tested for security against burglary up to WK2 (RC2) and is PAS24 certified

Complete with a flush threshold detail, the systems are perfect for wheelchair users as the threshold detail provides step-free travel between the two areas. The minimal windows® sliding door is even certified for barrier-free access under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2.

For more information or to book your visit to experience the new minimal windows® systems for yourself, contact the team today.