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Specifying narrow sliding doors

Narrow sliding doors are ideal solutions for very slim extensions and projects with restrictions on space. We commonly see narrow sliding doors specified for projects based in London where the homes tend to be very slim, but taller than the standard UK home.

Narrow sliding doors are often referred to as “double-height” sliding doors. This is due to the fact that the sliding configuration is often so tall that it provides natural light to two or even three floors.

With narrow sliding doors, the same opening configurations can be used as “normal size” sliders. For example, bi-parting and pocket doors can still be specified providing the situation and environment are correct. Many double height sliding door installations will be motorised due to the sheer weight and size of each leaf.

Kingston Road Narrow Sliding Doors 1

Why specify narrow sliding doors?

For certain space restricting projects, narrow sliding doors are perfect. To maximise natural light and accessibility sliding doors are always the number one choice for architects and homeowners.

Unlike traditional doors that swing open, narrow sliding doors move horizontally along a track, eliminating the need for clearance space. This means that furniture and other items can be placed closer to the door, making the most of limited floor space. In small apartments or rooms, this can make a significant difference in creating an open and airy atmosphere.

Edis street Narrow Sliding Doors 2

Existing projects that feature narrow sliding doors.

Paultons Square

Paultons Square is an incredibly distinctive project with expansive elevations of glass transforming the prestigious London-based residence. Numerous types of glazing, such as tall narrow sliding doors, feature glass, and structural glass, have been added. The narrow sliding doors have been installed in a two track configuration which is bi-parting for a larger opening.

Kingston Road

This elegant London home makeover included a double-story rear addition with large, minimalist sliding glass doors. The 4.5-meter-tall, slender sliding doors produce a remarkable glazing elevation. The land was initially divided into two separate two-story residences, which were then combined to create a stunning four-story luxury home. At Kingston road, the narrow sliding doors have been installed in a three track configuration which allows for two of the panes to slide and sit behind a singular fixed leaf.

Kingston Road Narrow Sliding Doors 1

Warwick Gardens

Within a glass side infill expansion of a historic Victorian London home, Keller minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors were fitted. Infill side extensions are a common architectural feature, particularly in London where available space is at a premium. A better layout and larger living rooms are produced by extending the underutilised space and opening up the interior, which is more in line with current design trends. These sliding doors are still narrow, but not as tall as our previous examples. 

Warwick Narrow Sliding Doors 1

Edis Street

Thanks to the rear two-story addition, a dilapidated wine bar in Primrose Hill was transformed into a five-bedroom house with a contemporary layout. Keller minimal windows glass sliding doors were installed on both floors of the two-story addition that was built on the back of the London home, giving a direct connection to the garden. Edis Street has two sets of sliders, one installed directly above the other.


If you have any questions regarding narrow sliding doors, or any other type of sliding glass door system, contact the team today!

Edis street Narrow Sliding Doors 1
Edis street Narrow Sliding Doors 2