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minimal windows recognised projects from 2023

2023 has been a successful year for the minimal windows team as several of our projects were shortlisted/ won prestigious architectural awards this year.

The consistent development and research that has been investing into the minimal windows product range has allowed us to ensure our systems meet building regulations and provide the best user experience possible. The projects that have been shortlisted and/or won awards for 2023 are:

Lea Bridge Library

Lea Bridge Library has won two prestigious awards for 2023 that both recognise its service to the community and architectural brilliance. Studio Weave (architects) wanted to re-connect this community space with the public while also keeping an outdoor connection in mind. The minimal windows highline structural glass façade system was employed for this project to create a vast wall of glass that provides light and offers views for visitors.

Lea Bridge won both the 2023 Dezeen “Civic Project of The Year Award” and the AJ Architecture “Civic Project of The Year Award”.

Chart Street Studios

Chart Street Studios is a London based office development that has transformed and old furniture warehouse into a state of the art office space for increased productivity and working standards. The existing factory structure was built upon and remodelled to feature a glass façade along with slim sliding windows.

Increasing natural light into the building was a key focus, therefore the array of sliding windows span across the frontal façade leaving little to non-structural wall left.

Chart Street picked up the 2023 RIBA London Award as well as the AJ Retrofit award back in 2022

Claywood House

A great example of fusing distinctive materials, high-performance custom glazing, and cutting-edge green power sources to create a family-friendly, sustainable home is Claywood House, a brand-new, five-bedroom low-carbon home in Hampshire.

Claywood features several sliding systems from minimal windows including our 4+ slim sliding door. All of the systems have been fitted with automated opening due to the fact that they needed to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.

Claywood House was shortlisted for the RIBA South awards but unfortunately didn’t take home the prize!

Hunts Green Barn

Hunts Green Barn was our final project that was shortlisted for an award in 2023. The barn conversion features 21mm sightline slim sliding doors and a bespoke glass link to connect the home.

We are pleased to gain recognition for these projects and would like to congratulate the teams involved for these projects!

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