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Gringley Hall

Gringley Hall is a classic English home that required a more modern addition to house a bespoke kitchen and dining area with access to the garden. The rear extension has been constructed using the same kind of large “off-white” bricks featured in the original home. Combined with various glazing features including slim sliding glass doors, the extension was completed just as 2021 had begun.

Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors 2
Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors 6

The benefit of Gringley Hall’s extension.

The extension built onto the rear of Gringley Hall has allowed for the owners to enjoy a more modern and open kitchen space. Due to the fact that the original building is older than most, the old kitchen was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. The new kitchen is much more fit for purpose and the addition of slim sliding glass doors provides a substantial amount of light into the area which was not possible using the old sash windows in the original kitchen.

Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors 7
Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors 8

Integrating the slim sliding glass doors into the extension

Without the slim sliding glass doors installed into this extension, the kitchen would lack natural light leading to more energy usage and artificial lighting. The slim sliding glass doors have been specified to be a three-track open corner pocket door sliding system to provide the owners with a wide variety of opening options for both ventilation and garden access.

Using the large brick work on both walls, both sides of the sliding doors can be opened and hidden away into a pocket which allows for a total opening of over 5 meters.

Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors
Gringley Hall Slim Sliding Glass Doors 3

Slim sliding glass doors details

The open corner pocket sliders have been motorised due to there sheer size and weight. The motors are fully concealed into the wall finish and allow for remote opening from a mobile phone or wall touchpad.

The frontal two track slim sliding glass doors are exactly 7616mm wide by 2990mm high and weight a total combined weight of 1172kg. The corner pocket door was specified to be 2086mm wide by 2990mm high and can slide into the pocket which was completed by the builders for the project.

The gutter style drainage ensures that the doors will not flood, and the easy access entry points allow for easy cleaning and upkeep to protect the system overtime.

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