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White House

Flush threshold slim sliding glass doors creates a glass box extension in London.

This historical 18th century house needed a big update, having not been renovated since the 1970s. And that renovation in 70s only added more pressure on the original timber frames of the building.  

To get the building up to standard, the interior design, walls and floors needed to be replaced with more modern materials and furnitures. The house was used as a local pub in some time in the past and carried the reflection of those times. 

The back garden face of the highly glazed extension in London is installed to create a light, modern designed kitchen and dining areas on the ground floor instead of very dark and awkward space which connected with the garden. Different charactered space from rest of the house is created with modern touches such as pink palette wall, top of a table and counters of the kitchen. Brass, reeded glass and timber materials are also used. 

Open corner configuration sliding glass doors and structural glazing in the extension sourced the main natural light in the space and the indoor and outdoor spaces of the extension fully merged.

90 degrees open corner sliding glass doors in an extension in London
kitchen extension in London with slim sliding glass doors

From floor to ceiling ultra-slim sliding glass doors installed with sliding panels on the front and side elevations and created the open corner to expand the kitchen throughout the garden to have a bigger space. 

The base frame was concealed to the floor and kept the surface completely flush for smooth transitions. Aluminium material door system is highly thermal broke to protect the internal temperature in the same level all year round. High quality aluminium also does not add extra weight on the glazing solution; therefore, the sliding panels can be moved comfortably as manual. 

Sliding glass door system has only 21mm sightlines. These very slim sightlines expand the glass panels and increase the amount of the natural light that comes through the glass to the indoor for a bright environment. 

The flush threshold detailed sliding glass door solution paired with another architectural glazing solution. Structural glass walls and roof raised the light volume in the kitchen and dining areas from a different angle. All these glazing provide very bright renovated space with the best temperature to live comfortable in any season due to the high thermal performance. 


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