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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall is a commercial minimal windows project that the team at IQ Glass completed, installing a fully bespoke glazing package throughout the building.

The National Trust now protect and promote Hanbury Hall as it is steadily becoming a very popular family destination for weekend walks and family gatherings. The hall can be explored by visitors and is open daily as is the café extension featuring the minimal windows slim sliding doors.

Back in 2019, Hanbury Hall received over 225,000 visitors.

Commercial sliding doors Hanbury Hall (2)
Commercial sliding doors Hanbury Hall

Commercial sliding doors combined with structural glazing.

The new café area follows a very sustainable building theme with the use of timber present throughout. The courtyard facing façade is where the minimal windows sliders have been installed, this is also where large timber beams/ posts have been installed to further push that sustainable feel.

Due to the timber beams, the sliding doors were designed to ensure that the vertical frames perfectly aligned with the structural timber posts. This creates an effect that the timber beams are apart of the sliding door system, without suffering the costs of full timber sliding doors.

Commercial sliding doors Hanbury Hall (1)
Commercial sliding doors Hanbury Hall (3)

The details of Hanbury Halls commercial sliding doors

The sliding doors have been installed within a 7-pane façade that alternates from one fixed panel to one sliding panel. The doors are used to expand the café area within the summer for flush access to the café from the courtyard, they are also useful for addition ventilation during those hot summer months.

The doors have also been designed with the manual key locking system that is fully flush within the interlock. As well as this, the frames have been powder coated in RAL 7006 which is a modern “cool-grey” colour.

Combined with the doors is an up and over glass infill which was designed and installed by IQ Glass. This glass has small, sandblasted marks across it to ensure that it is visible to the human eye. The minimal windows also feature the small visibility marks.

minimal windows product showcase.