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Glendale Mews

This classical 1960’s British home was in need of a modernisation and renovation. The main focus of this project was designed a bespoke glass rear extension to extend the downstairs living area and provide great access to the patio/garden.

A large focus of the project was to use modern materials with a minimalistic finish which is why smooth grey aluminium pressings have been combined with frameless glazing and sleek timber features.

glass rear extension Glendale (2)

Two track sliding doors for a glass rear extension.

For seamless garden access, a two track sliding door configuration was designed and installed. The classic minimal windows system was selected due to its ultra slim 21mm sightlines, flush threshold detail and ability to be powder coated an “off-white” colour.

With a flush threshold, the base frame and track of the sliding doors are fully recessed into the floor which allows for a step free transition from inside to outside.

With natural tones used throughout the interior of the project, it was important for the homeowners to colour-match the sliding doors with the colour of the walls within the glass rear extension. Powder coating was used to fully paint the frames in a modern “off-white” colour.

glass rear extension Glendale (3)

Designing sliding doors for the British climate

The sliding configuration offers year-round flexibility for the homeowners due to their exceptional thermal performance and weather resistance.

The sliding doors can achieve a Uw value of 1.1 (which can go lower with triple glazing). This performance level is ideal for the colder British months when you need to keep heat in and cold out.

The heavy UK rainfall is also no issue for minimal windows with a Class 7A driving rain rating. This is further reinforced through the use of rubber gaskets instead of brush seals. Rubber gaskets offer a much cleaner, more secure seal opposed to using brush seals which can wear overtime.

minimal windows product showcase.