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Bespoke Glazing Installations with minimal windows®

Unique Glazing Installations with minimal windows® for Luxury Homes

minimal windows® sliding glass doors have become one of the most demanded bespoke glazing solutions for architects and interior designers. The incredible slim sightlines and the minimalist design of the doors merge the outside with indoor spaces and create one space to live or work.  

More and more, we are realising the importance of connecting with nature and creating open spaces that are flooded with natural lighting in our homes and places of work.

This has been proven to have a strong connection to our overall well-being and with bespoke glazing installations minimal windows® allowing maximum natural light to flow throughout a space it has become a must-have product in home design. 

Below are our team’s top minimal windows® installations showcasing a wide range of ways the system can be utilised. Well done to all the project teams and we look forward to creating more bespoke spaces.

bespoke minimally framed glazing
aluminium vertical sash windows for glass walls


This is a great example of the minimal windows® oversized vertical sash window as it creates a moving horizontally glass wall. The top and bottom panes slide through the middle of the elevation to meet with the fixed pane.

The luxury residential glazing, sash window provides ventilation to the internal living spaces while allowing smooth transitions with flush threshold detail. 

Click here to see more details about this project. 

oversized glass façade with sliding panels
moving glass wall for garages

Coolington Barn

A contemporary extension and renovation to the stone barn in Northamptonshire. 

This project was chosen thanks to the double height floor to ceiling sliding glass door system that was installed within the existing barn door opening. 

In addition, the team loved the way the minimal windows doors had been detailed into the brick pillars of the owner’s luxury car garage and show space. The minimal windows thresholds are designed to be driven over so this was a great solution here.  

Check out the case study.

high thermal performance aluminium sliding glass doors
bespoke architectural glazing solutions in a new build house

Park Way

This contemporary new build luxury house was completed with our slim framed sliding glass doors featuring a flush threshold on the base track. 21mm sightlines of the sliding system allowed a massive amount of natural light and highlighted the unique pieces of art and other interior design elements. 

See more images from double height glazing project.

oversized sliding glass doors in a London house
oversized glass with sliding tracks

Portland Road

Another bespoke solution using minimal windows. Here the minimal windows 4+ framing system was engineered to suit the specification of the architect to create these tall and narrow sliding doors.  

The rear elevation of the glass extension on this  Notting Hill London house was created using 5m tall sliding doors.

A bespoke glazing solution was created using additional sliding tracks and rollers in the head and base as well as strengthening interlockers to allow for the double height.  

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contemporary extension in London with pivot doors
bespoke pivot doors in an extension project

Princelet Street

Large minimal framed pivot doors paired with structural glazing in the London house extension. Unique opening configuration door system provided a wider space to merge the garden and the brand-new kitchen.

Unusual colour framing profiles perfectly matched with brick exterior walls. 

See more from the glass kitchen in a family house.

thermally broken triples glazed glazing solutions
luxury apartment with triple glazed door system

Rosemoor Studio

Triple glazed slim sliding glass doors used in this luxury Chelse apartments in London. High thermal performance doors installed where is need a flush travel through balconies and stunning terraces. 

Aluminium framing profiles painted with high end bronze gold powder coating to be able to match with the entire building’s walls. 

Click to see more about the multi residential project. 

commercial project with triple glazed sliding glass doors
triple glazed oversized sliding glass doors

Snelsmore House

The incredibly beautiful wedding venue in Newbury was a traditional barn that was looking for a modern touch. Oversized minimal windows® 4+ system was used with slim bars on the glass units to create the appearance of a steel sliding glass door.

This design matched the architect’s design requirements for a steel design to match the building’s architecture whilst allowing the large glass sizes achievable with the minimal windows systems.  

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