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High Performance Triple Glazed Systems in Scotland

When it comes to high end residential or commercial buildings projects in Scotland, triple glazing should always be a consideration.  

Triple glazed solutions offer higher performance values including increased thermal performance and air permeability. Triple glazed system can also reach larger sizes, making them an ideal choice when specifying oversized glazing.  

All our high-performance glazing systems can be specified with triple glazing including our sliding doors, pivot doors and vertical sliding sash windows. This means ncorporating triple glazing in Scotland based projects has never been easier. 

With a growing focus on sustainability and thermally efficient building materials, this guide can help to decide if triple glazing is right for your Scottish building project.

flush threshold 26mm slim sliding glass door in an extension in Scotland
triple glazed external pocket door

Is it Worth Having Triple Glazing in Scotland?

Triple glazing is worth the investment. Not only do triple glazed solutions have increase thermal performance values, but triple glazed system can reach larger sized due to the large framing profile as often have improved weather performance ratings.  

With the rise in energy prices and the move towards more sustainable home designs, triple glazing in Scotland is likely to become a vital part of any new build project.  

All minimal window systems use a polyamide thermal break for increased thermal performance and to prevent thermal bridging. The deeper framing profile used for triple glazed systems means that the thermal break is thicker and therefore more effective. This combined with the extra pane of glass and argon gas cavity allows the systems to reach Uw values as low as 0.8W/m2K.  

Although triple glazing does come at a higher price than triple glazed system, overtime this money will be made back by the money saved on energy bills. This includes money saved on heating the home and if oversized triple glazing in Scotland is used, this can also help to reduce costs and energy used for artificial lighting.

moving glass walls in a renovated house in Scotland with slim framed triple glazed sliding glass doors
stunning landscape view with triple glazed sliding door system in a contemporary house in Scotland

Sustainable Home Designs in Scotland

Governments across the UK have been actively encouraging more sustainable home designs, with the England and Scottish government setting up schemes to help homeowners make changes such as upgrading their windows and door to high performance glazing.  

Many people still have the belief that a highly glazed home design means overheating in summer and cold interior spaces in the winter. This may have been the case years ago but by utilising modern glazing technology such as polyamide thermal breaks, and high-performance triple glazed systems, this is no longer the case.  

Solar control options are also available to prevent overheating in summer. This can either be in the form of extremal shading solutions such as blinds of louvre roofs, or technical glazing solutions such as solar control glass. 

All minimal windows glazing system are manufactured with a low e coating as standard, which further helps to bring the Uw value of the glazing down.

double height slim sliding glass doors in a renovated barn in Scotland
bespoke curved glass in a contemporary new build house in Scotland

Hurricane Resistant Glazing in Scotland

Although risk of hurricane in the UK are extremely low, one of the only places to have caught part of a hurricane on record is areas in the North of Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

This means that although hurricane resistant glazing is not essential, specifying sliding doors for example, as a hurricane resistant glazing system can be beneficial.  

The minimal windows 4+ sliding door has undergone extensive hurricane testing and surpassed all requirements, showing that the system has excellent impact resistance and weather testing such as water tightness and air permeability.  

Although hurricanes may not be a risk in Scotland, this type of high-performance triple glazing should be first choice for luxury home and non-residential projects.

marine environment sliding glass doors in a new build house indoor pool in Scotland
3m high slim framed sliding glass door in a house in Scotland with triple glazed units

Luxury Homes with Triple Glazing in Scotland

Triple glazing in Scotland is becoming more popular, as seen by the increased number of projects where minimal windows triple glazed system have been specified. This includes a range of high end residential and commercial projects in areas such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeenshire. 

One new build project, located on the edge of the St Andrews Conservation Area, used multiple of our slim framed siding door systems and the project gained a letter of support from the St. Andrews Preservation Society for its sensitive approach. 

minimal windows UK supplier, IQ Glass, are currently working on a luxury home project in Portree Skye. The bespoke glazing package in Scotland includes high performance glazing systems from minimal windows. The high wind load in this area meant that the minimal windows sliding doors were designed with increased mullions for increased wind load.

curve slim sliding glass doors with high thermal performance in Scotland
triple glazed sliding glass door in a contemporary building in Scotland in double height

minimal windows Triple Glazed Systems

All minimal windows slim framed aluminium glazing systems can be specified as triple glazed, allows for larger sash sizes, and increased thermal efficiency.  

Our triple glazing slim sliding doors have been incorporated into several high-end residential projects across Scotland, from one of luxury new build homes to renovations and extensions.  

Even the new minimal windows curved sliding glass door can be specified as a triple glazed curved sliding door system, allowing this innovative and unique glazing solution to achieve unparalleled thermal performance values.  

The minimal windows pivot door, vertical sash window and highline glazing solutions can all utilise the minimal windows 4+ framing profile to accommodate the extra pane of glass and insulating gas cavity for a triple glazed unit.  

IQ Glass, the sole supplier of minimal windows UK, now has a regional office in Edinburgh, allowing them to actively manage projects in Scotland with minimal windows systems.  

For more information, contact the minimal windows team today.