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11 real life examples of flush threshold doors in porcelain tiles

Interior to exterior porcelain tiles are a popular floor choice for all designers and specifiers at the moment. The ability to continue a similar floor finish from the inside of a house to outside helps to merge these two spaces into one. 

When used in conjunction with a flush threshold sliding door, the flooring seems to merge into one.

New builds with flush threshold doors in porcelain tiles

Salmon Avenue in Australia is a great example of large format porcelain tiles being used with a flush threshold sliding door. The same design and colour of porcelain tiles were used inside and out, minimising the barrier the glass doors create between inside and out. 

A new build house in Northwood also showcased the detailing of flush threshold doors in porcelain tiles with a minimal windows flush threshold door. The large format grey tiles have a similar design inside and out. With the flush threshold across the base of the minimal windows frame you really feel that continuation of space.

The same style and colour of tile was used both inside and on the patio areas of this modern house build in Radlett. The new build house integrated flush threshold doors in porcelain tiles to all ground floor living areas, including the interior pool. The porcelain tile used with these flush threshold doors was a light grey colour which complemented the dark grey aluminium frames of the minimal windows.

The minimal windows frame was finished to a similar colour to the porcelain tiles on this modern villa in Cyprus. The result is a flush threshold that almost merges completely with the porcelain tiles.

A similar continuous floor design was used at the ‘glass pavilion’ in France which featured minimal windows across the entire elevation. Curved glass met the slim sliding doors at the corners for a more organic shape.

Extensions with flush thresholds doors in porcelain tiles

With opening corner doors, this rear extension in London is another great example of porcelain tiles inside and out meeting a flush threshold sliding door. The minimal windows base frame creates a flush floor finish with the porcelain tiles. You can also see the small slot in the tiling for the external drainage. 

The three elevations of minimal windows to this glazed extension in London pair with an internal to external porcelain floor for an internal to external merging. The minimal windows sliding doors create three glass walls that slide open, connecting the kitchen and dining area to the exterior porcelain patio. You can see the flush threshold sliding doors help connect the space even when the doors are closed.

For an example with triple glazed doors, this house extension in Berkshire created an open glass corner with flush thresholds across. A light porcelain tile was used both inside and outside, meeting the flush threshold of the minimal windows between.

The traditional brick extension to a manor house in Surrey showcases the inclusion of a flush drain meeting porcelain tiles. The tiles continue from inside to out with the same colour used. The minimal windows sliding doors sit within the brick extension with a flush threshold across the tiles.

Flush threshold doors in stone flooring

Flush Threshold Doors with Stone Flags

For a more traditional patio design, the listed building glass extension in Salisbury used stone flags outside. These patio flags were existing, and the minimal windows met this existing floor finish with a flush threshold. 

Flush Threshold Doors Natural Stone

House Z-M in Belgium was created with very specific parameters. Every wall and floor tile in natural stone were based on a gid size of 1.2m and aligned with all other elements on this grid. The minimal windows sliding doors create a full glass façade facing the garden and slot into the natural stone flooring with flush thresholds.

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