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Using minimal windows® to Add Value to a Luxury Home

There are many ways to add value to luxury homes such as improving the thermal efficiency, adding a garden room, or increasing natural light.

When increasing the value of your property, it is essential to consider what your final objective is; to install design features that you personally value or add features that increase the property’s value for future buyers.

Investing in your home can be costly and may not actually translate to adding value overall.

The team at minimal windows has put together this guide to ensure you make the right investments when it comes to luxury homes. This ensures the value of a home is increased if or when it comes to selling your property. 

We have suggestions that will improve not only the appearance but also the thermal performance and comfort of your home.

Our slim sliding glass door is unparalleled in both performance and design, providing homeowners with the opportunity to lower energy costs whilst increasing the property value.

These suggestions include things like triple glazing, garden rooms, and extensions.

luxury countryside home with a large extension with minimal windows open corner sliding glass doors
luxury new build home in a conservation area and a flood zone with minimal windows aluminium sliding glass doors used to create glass walls

Creating New Living Spaces

Adding new living spaces onto a pre-existing part of the home can increase the value of the property. As space is one of the most valuable assets in a home, it is critical to take advantage of existing rooms and if possible, create new ones.


Garden Room

Garden rooms tend to have large windows or glass walls and a tiled roof, with the glazing designed to bring a significant amount of light into the space. 

minimal windows large sliding glass doors can be used to create sliding glass walls around contemporary garden rooms.

A garden room is cost-effective considering the returns when selling, it is aesthetically pleasing, the life span of the room is longer than the average conservatory and it is fully wired into the electrics. It does not require a connection to the main property and can be added at the end of the garden, for example.

Due to the versatility of the garden room, it can be used as lounge rooms, bars, guest houses, or a dining area.


Basement and Loft Conversions

Rather than creating new spaces, it could be just as effective to renovate the spaces that already exist. Basement and loft renovations are a great option that allows existing space to be redefined and built upon.

As basements tend to have less access to natural light they can be used for cinema rooms or social spaces like bars. By incorporating internal courtyards and minimal windows glazing system, a basement can become a well-lit space, perfect for home gyms and indoor swimming pools.

Rooflights and slim sliding doors are often incorporated in loft renovations to maximise natural light. The sliding glass doors can lead to external balconies, roof terraces or be used in a modern Juliet balcony design.

As there is likely to be an abundance of natural light, the space could be used as an extra guest room, an office, a hobby room, or library space to read.


Home Extensions

Extensions allow internal living spaces to be opened up and extended. Many homeowners and architects use single or double-story extensions to create large open-plan kitchens, dining, and living rooms.

Normally located at the rear of luxury homes, these extensions can feature pivot doors, vertical sash windows or sliding glass doors from minimal windows to connect the interior space with the outdoors. 

minimal windows slim framed aluminium glazing systems allow light to flow freely into the home, helping spaces to appear brighter and bigger.

highly glazed design for planning permission in green belt areas
luxury London home renovation with added value thanks to the high-end aluminium sliding doors from minimal windows

Thermal Efficiency of a Home

Triple glazing

Triple glazing is a fantastic suggestion for adding value to a luxury home, improving thermal performance, sustainability, reducing energy costs and also bringing more light into the property.

Utilising three pane of glass, argon gas is sealed in the glazing unit to prevent heat transfer between the panels. This process prevents condensation, reduces noise pollution and reduces drafts as the window ages. 

The minimal windows 4+ framing profile is used to accommodate triple glazing and still maintains ultra slim sightlines of just 26mm for a modern and minimal aesthetic.

Thermally broken Aluminium frames

Thermally broken Aluminium frames work in conjunction with triple glazing to further decrease the thermal conductivity of the system. 

A thermally broken system insulates 500 times better than aluminium alone; the temperatures cannot permeate through the metal as quickly.

Even with triple glazing, the conductivity of non-thermally broken aluminium framing hinders the system’s overall performance, so it is vital for external systems in luxury homes to have this feature.

All minimal windows high-quality aluminium glazing systems are fully thermally broken and come with a low e coating as standard to ensure high-performance levels are always achieved.

When used in conjunction the energy efficiency is increased; this may reduce the energy costs of your luxury home whilst minimising the heat lost from the window/door systems increasing sustainability simultaneously. 

floor to ceiling biparting sliding glass patio doors in a luxury London home
three pane vertical sliding sash window creating a 12m tall glass façade with an opening

Natural Light

We have discussed many different options that bring value to a luxury home in this article, almost all increase the natural light. 

As people have been spending more time in the home over the past year, having access to natural light is becoming more important than ever before.

Natural light improves the overall aesthetic and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, which is more sustainable and is important for vitamin D. In luxury homes, increasing natural light can help to highlight high-end interior design elements

Studies have found that homes which use large glazing elevations to maximise natural light sell for more. Natural light can increase the perceived size of a home, leading buyers to be willing to pay more.

luxury new build home with added value thanks to minimal windows slim sliding doors maximising natural light
double height glass façade and minimal windows slim sliding doors used in a luxury new build home

Unique Glazing Systems

Pivot door

The pivot door is for those looking for an unconventional and unique way to enter the home. Rather than hinging from the side like a traditional door it is connected at the top and bottom of the frame.

The minimal windows Pivot door is the first fully tested pivot door on the market which is available in double and triple glazing and has a thermally broken profile.

Unlike most pivot doors, the minimal windows Pivot Door underwent vigorous weather testing, surpassing all requirements for air permeability, water tightness and wind load. 

The system has also been security tested and displayed an excellent resistance to burglary. 

The system includes a unique magnetic weather seal at the base for expectational performance. Our specially engineered slim aluminium framing profiles can be used to create very large pivoting doors, perfect to accompany other minimal windows systems on your project.

With a flush base track when the pivot doors are open, and a minimal surrounding frame you can expertly recreate the appearance of the minimal windows sliding glass doors in a pivoting design.


Curved Glass

If you are looking for a visually exceptional glazing option, then curved glass is the choice for you. The modern, sleek aesthetic offers clear, panoramic views without the need for a break.

The curved glass design allows maximum flexibility with architectural ideas. The glass is formed by heating it to its melting point at 700 degrees, then inserting it into a mold then waiting for it to cool.

sliding pane with three panes by a large open plan luxury kitchen diner area
views of the coastal area and sea surrounding this luxury new build home with floor to ceiling aluminium sliding glass doors

Technical Glazing Solutions

There is a wide range of glazing options available for minimal windows high-quality aluminium glazing systems. Some of these can aid in increasing the value of a luxury home.


Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is an excellent option for those who are concerned about privacy in their luxury home or dislikes the aesthetics of curtains or blinds. It functions by changing from transparent to translucent, in its translucent phase it blocks some of the wavelengths of the light.

The transmission of light through the glass is altered when a voltage, light, or heat is applied. The design of the window allows a high level of light transmission without the translucency.

Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass is a type of glass that is developed to prevent the slight greenish tint that can sometimes be seen in thicker glazing installations. The glass is specially manufactured to reduce the amount of iron oxide which results in a significantly clearer panel of glass.

For more information about using minimal windows® to add value to a luxury home get in touch with the team today.

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