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How to Incorporate minimal windows Into Different Architecture Styles

minimal windows is one of the high performance glazing systems offering a range of different features for bespoke projects such as a flush threshold, integrated locking, ventilation and drainage.

With options including opening corners, pocket doors, Juliet balconies and vertical sash potion, the sliding glass doors have flexible design options which can be designed to suit all project types.  

The selection and specification of the sliding glass doors have a large impact on the overall design of a building, both internal and external.  

These sliding glass doors would have a massive impact in your homes with letting natural light in and highlight your interior design. There are many examples of minimal windows sliding doors were installed and a couple of them even featured in magazines.

open corner high performance glazing systems
slim framed sliding glass door in an extension

minimal windows for Expanding Living Space

One of the popular ways to use sliding doors is opening the corner of a room and maximising the living space with connecting indoor and outdoor areas. For instance, this contemporary extension in London house had two sets of minimal windows slim sliding glass doors and one of them installed with corner opening configuration. 

See more corner opening projects by clicking this link. 

Even an open corner is not required, flush threshold detailing on a base track allows to make a wider living space. The brick exterior extension in Chorleywood is completed with a slim sliding door and smooth access through the terrace provided for the family.

listed house extension in London with sliding glass doors
Victrian house extension with pivot door

minimal windows in Glass Extensions

minimal windows can easily be integrated into large glass extensions to offer a minimal door option with the structural glass design.  

This rear extension on Kew Road used minimal windows sliding doors within a glass box to extend a traditional townhouse. The large rear glass extension was installed to create a larger living space. The glass extension was made 21 mm framing, full height glass sliding doors. 

The Princelet Street home was a great project with a whole glass extension. The roof was structural glass by minimal windows glazing partner, IQ Glass. The front was minimal windows two configurations pivot doors which is the first fully tested pivot doors on the market. 

See the impressive contemporary glass extensions.

oversized sliding vertical sash windows in a new build
new build house with sliding glass door in London

minimal windows for Luxury Apartments and Offices

Sliding glass doors can be used in any building, not just private homes. Lowndes Street can be given as a great example. The triple glazed vertical sash windows were installed to the stairwell areas of the luxury apartment development in London.

The vertical sliding windows reached 7m tall. This double height elevation of glazing provided an abundance of natural light to the stairwells and could be raised to open to allow access to the centre courtyard. 

minimal windows ultra slim framed sliding doors were installed to the top floor renovation of these large offices on Borough High Street. These sliding doors provided natural light into the offices to improve employee’s performance and wellness and created an access to the decked rooftop terrace as well.

The glazing system was used in different part of the office like meeting rooms and created an amazing view of the iconic building, The Shard. 

There are many examples which minimal windows glazing system was paired and installed in different areas. These can be a wedding venue with a triple glazed steel look sliding door, a pool area in Embassy Gardens with minimally formed sliding glass doors and vertically sliding automated window or a church with an open corner extension. 

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